Ready to start earning passive income? With Binance’s staking options, you can set yourself up with a steady stream of crypto rewards without having to do much of anything.

It may sound too good to be true, but trust us when we say it’s not.

All you have to do is get familiar with the different types of staking available on the Binance platform and invest in the right projects.

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together this simple guide about all the various types of staking available on Binance.

Keep reading to learn when and how you can take advantage of each type of staking—from Coinbase staking to delegation services.

You’ll be collecting crypto rewards in no time!


Locked Staking on Binance – Earn Interest on Your Crypto

If you’re looking to make the most of your crypto, Locked Staking on Binance is a great option.

With Locked Staking, you can earn interest on your crypto holdings—all you have to do is keep your coins held in your Binance wallet.

Plus, it pays out daily!

Here’s how it works

First, deposit any supported coin into your Binance wallet.

This could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins—check the list to see what’s available.

Then, choose which type of Locked Staking program you’d like to participate in; for instance, you can stake for a certain amount of time or earn a fixed amount of interest over a fixed period.

Finally, select the length of commitment and how much crypto you want to lock down—and that’s it!

You’ll start earning passive income from your coins right away.

So why try Locked Staking? Not only does it bring in an easy passive income stream; it also helps draw attention to your deposits and keeps them secure at the same time!

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and see how much extra income you can make with this great staking option on Binance.

Flexible Staking on Binance – Redeem Your Funds Anytime

If you’re looking for the flexibility of redeeming your funds whenever you want, then Flexible Staking on Binance is a great option for you.

With this type of staking, you will have the ability to determine how long your funds are locked in, as well as when they can be withdrawn.

This way, you can decide when it’s best for you to redeem your funds and make use of them.

The main benefit of Flexible Staking is that it allows you to be in control of when and how long your tokens are staked.

Plus, with Binance’s staking platform, there is no minimum amount required for staking.

Meaning that whatever size investment you want to make can be invested through Flexible Staking.

Flexible Staking also makes it easy to start earning rewards quickly because your funds become available for staking right away. 

This means that you don’t have to wait for a certain time period before being able to start earning rewards on your investment.

All in all, Flexible Staking offers the freedom and control that many users look for in a staking platform.

For examples let’s look at BNB token that can be staked via Flexible and lock up methods 

BNB Staking on Binance 

You can also use your BNB to get some extra rewards on Binance.

With BNB staking, you’ll lock up a certain amount of BNB and, in return, you’ll receive a reward that starts at a minimum of 8% APY and can go up to 40%.

The longer you stake your coins for, the higher the interest rate you can get.

You have two options when it comes to staking your BNB:

Flexible: This requires less commitment from you since you are not obligated to keep your funds locked for a certain period of time.

Whenever you want to start or stop staking coins, you can do so without any penalties.

As benefits go, here you receive lower interest rates compared to the “Locked” option.

Locked:You lock up your BNB coins for a given period ranging from 15 days to 3 years, and enjoy higher interest rates as rewards — as well as rewards bonuses based on how many tokens are staked during this period.

When it comes time to claim the rewards from this staking option though, Binance will charge an early termination fee proportional to the remaining validity day; this is in place in order to incentivize long-term habits.

Staking With Binance Launchpool – Farm New Token Rewards

Have you ever wanted to get involved in the crypto world but didn’t know where to start?

Binance Launchpool is great way to get started, and with it you can farm new token rewards.

What is Binance Launchpool?

Binance Launchpool is a platform that allows users to join “farms” so they can earn new tokens when they are listed on Binance.

Once a farm is setup, users can stake their existing cryptocurrency like BNB, BUSD, BTC, and ETH in exchange for newly-minted tokens.

The rewards are split according to how much each user has staked.

This is a great way to make passive income while supporting new projects.

How does Staking with Binance Launch Pool Work?

First, you’ll need to choose a project from the list of available farms.

Then you’ll need to click the ‘Join Now’ button and enter the amount of token you want to stake from your wallet balance.

Once you are in the platform, if there is an available token swap option it will be listed in the ‘Swap Now’ button.

Finally, your tokens will go into the trading pool of that token and you will begin making rewards as soon as it goes live on Binance.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved with staking in Binance Launchpool today and watch your rewards stack up!

Binance DeFi Staking – Earn Rewards From DeFi Projects

If you’re looking for more options, consider Binance DeFi staking.

With this type of staking, users can earn rewards from a range of DeFi projects, simply by locking up their digital assets in the appropriate platforms.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is one of the most prominent types of DeFi staking available on the Binance platform.

It involves depositing digital assets (like ETH) into a DeFi pool to earn yield on the deposited asset.

The amount earned depends on the return rate and how long you stake your tokens for.

Generating Rewards

When it comes to yield farming, Binance Smart Chain is a popular choice for earning rewards.

It uses a different pricing model than Ethereum, giving users an extra way to generate rewards from staking and lower fees than trading on an exchange.

Stablecoin Lending 

This is not a staking per se but if you are looking forvatious way make your coims work for you, you can consider this option

You can also use Binance’s platform to lend out your stablecoins and earn interest in return.

This works by allowing users to deposit their stablecoins into an integrated lending platform and get rewarded in terms of interest payments each day.

This type of staking requires minimal setup and offers users steady returns over time.

Binance offers plenty of options for users who want to explore different types of staking—from yield farming to lending out stablecoins—all with the potential to bring rewards for those who awilling togto take some risk.


Staking on Binance is a great way to increase your earnings. You can get passive income from staking, and you can take advantage of the various types of staking that the Binance platform has to offer. From flexible staking to delegated staking, there’s sure to be an option that will work for you. It’s also easy to get started, so why not give it a shot? Who knows—it might just be a great way to earn some extra income.

By John Adetiloye

I'm a pharmacist by profession, but my passion for cryptocurrency has led me down a different path. I've been staking crypto for years, and I'm always eager to learn more about this exciting and ever-changing field.

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